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There are 3 levels of product in our portfolio:

Light Cargo Conversion

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Levis Cargo Conversion

Intermediate Cargo Conversion

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Navis Cargo Conversion

Full Cargo Conversion 

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Our Light Cargo Modification Solution

LEVIS removes passenger seats and enables airlines to install cargo directly onto the cabin floor; turning the passenger cabin into a vast cargo space.


LEVIS allows airlines to adapt and respond to aircraft demand fluctuation by adding freight capacity, bolstering the supply chain whilst increasing fleet utilisation. LEVIS allows for a temporary and completely reversible PTF solution taking into account aircraft leasing restrictions.


Our Intermediate Cargo Modification Solution

MEDIUS fully removes the passenger cabin transforming it into a Full CLASS E or CLASS F Cargo Compartment. This modification includes introducing a separated Supernumerary Crew Cabin section and makes changes to the Environmental Control System (ECS) and Smoke Detection System (SDS).


MEDIUS is completely reversible PTF solution so is practical when considering aircraft leasing restrictions whilst allowing to adapt and respond to aircraft demand fluctuation thus increasing fleet utilisation.

Our launching customer for MEDIUS is TAP Air Portugal for its division TAP Air Cargo.


Image credit: TAP Air Cargo



Our Dual-Purpose Cargo Modification Solution

Introducing our MEDIUS COMBI product, designed to resolve the aircraft utilisation challenges facing the aviation industry today. In the current climate passenger demand is in constant flux. Therefore, an innovative approach to aircraft utilisation is needed if airlines are to retain well established passenger routes and landing slots, but also maximise income across their flights. 


MEDIUS COMBI features a unique “combination” of passenger cabin and a full class F cargo compartment in the main deck allowing airlines to profitably operate mixed passenger and cargo flights whilst maximising take-off and landing slots utilisation.


The MEDIUS COMBI PTF conversion has a rigid cabin partition installed to separate the passenger cabin and cargo compartment. Whilst we also adapt the Environmental Control System (ECS) and Smoke Detection System (SDS) to meet the Class F compartment requirements. All MEDIUS PTF conversions are built with the future in mind and so are fully reversible if aircraft utilisation requirements change.

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Our Full Cargo Modification Solution

Are you a Leasing agency that needs to boost your assets utilization of your commercial aircrafts reaching the end of their life by permanently modifying your aircraft into freighter? Or are you an established cargo airline that needs to grow its capacity at a convenient cost and speed of conversion?


Then “Navis”, our top of the range Full Cargo Conversion Solution featuring a Main Deck Cargo Door (MDCD) and full cargo loading system is your solution.


Our flagship PTF Conversion Navis targets leasing agencies and established cargo airlines that demand a permanent, innovative and cost-effective PTF solution including an innovative MDCD “Plug Type” door which is lightweight, reduces the complexity of maintenance and increases operational safety by design making it impossible to accidentally open in-flight.

Navis PTF conversion is quicker to convert (almost half of the time it takes the competitor's solution) and has a lower conversion cost.  It is more flexible, quicker and more cost-effective to operate than the competition, making it the benchmark of high-end PTF conversions on the market. 

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