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Our Vision

Avensis is a dynamic engineering and design business dedicated to providing innovative, advanced and agile aircraft conversion solutions covering the entire range of the PTF (Passenger to Freighter) market. It is our mission to resolve the challenges facing fleet management, enabling our customers to capitalise on demand-driven opportunities and react to the ever-changing landscape of the Aviation industry.

A team of extensively experienced key individuals

We have an unmatched combination of acumen and expertise within our team,  some of whom have been developing PTF programmes for both wide and narrow body since the 1990s. Our experience spans a diverse range of design and engineering backgrounds such as systems designs, payloads engineering, cabin configuration and design for commercial airlines, VIP aircraft and extensive experience in PTF conversions.

This team has developed expertise in design and certification of Passenger to Freighter (‘PTF’) programmes and has participated in one form or another in most of the signature wide-body PTF conversions including the following aircraft: 


  • Airbus A300-B4/-600 

  • Airbus A330 / A340

  • B777-300

  • B747-400 

  • B767-200/-300

A change in the landscape of aviation

The Covid-19 pandemic has created a surge in demand for e-commerce related cargo. The new landscape requires a fresh approach to cargo operations and capacity segmentation, which the traditional freighter model is unable to provide. 


The rapid increase in demand and changeable circumstances requires a flexible, scalable and dynamic approach. This means the option to grow your cargo fleet by converting passenger planes in an expedited fashion. Whilst enabling the ability to reverse conversions back to original configurations if changes in commercial aviation demand requires it or your aircraft End of Lease is approaching.


Avensis PTF products adapt to the demands of small to large air freight operations with scalable solutions to support changes in capacity requirements and operational efficiency. We are guiding the Aviation industry in the transition to a new era of fleet management.

Careers at Avensis

We are a small but passionate team that are disrupting typical modes of thinking within the aviation industry. 


We are an inclusive workplace, with a flat hierarchy and open-door policy: we believe that people as much as their productivity have innate value to our organization. 


We love what we do and want to cultivate similar enthusiasm in our members:


  • We believe in flexible working arrangements: currently, this looks like working from home, but will develop into a flexible combination of office and home-based working hours

  • We consciously craft our ways of working to empower you to become part of the process of defining our workplace culture

  • We offer competitive salaries and a generous holiday entitlement 


If you are a business aviation enthusiast seeking meaningful work in a unique workspace, with talented people engaged in how and why we work as well as what we produce: keep an eye on our vacancies page… Avensis is growing. 

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Interested in optimising the potential of your fleet? Let's talk.

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