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Careers at Avensis

Why Avensis?

Avensis is a dynamic company whose values afford space for both professional and personal growth making becoming a team member an exciting opportunity for an aviation enthusiast. 


Being part of a dynamic young company, you will experience the thrill of helping to craft our workplace culture: we consciously craft our ways of working to empower you to become part of this process.


We are an inclusive workplace, with a flat hierarchy and open-door policy: we believe that people as much as their productivity have innate value to our organisation. 

We are passionate, we love what we do and want to cultivate similar enthusiasm in our members. To this end, we offer a flexible working arrangement: initially working from home, but with the prospect of working in a flexible combination of office and home-based working hours.


And of course, we offer a competitive salary, pension and generous holiday entitlement.


If you seek meaningful work in a unique workspace, with talented people engaged in how we work as well as the work we produce take a look at our available opportunities.

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Be the first to hear about new roles

We are a dynamic and fast-moving company so check back soon to see if we have any new opportunities. Sign up for our newsletter and follow us on social to stay in the loop with new roles and other company news.

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