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Passenger to freighter compartment split into passenger cabin and cargo compartments
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Full Cargo Conversion

Our Top of the Range, Cargo Conversion Solution with Main Deck Cargo Door.

NAVIS, our flagship PTF Conversion is aimed at leasing agencies and established cargo airlines that demand a permanent, innovative and cost-effective PTF solution including an innovative “Plug Type” Main Deck Cargo Door (MDCD) which is fully electrically operated,  lightweight, and reduces the complexity of maintenance whilst increases operational safety by design making it impossible to accidentally open in-flight.

NAVIS PTF Conversion introduces a separated Supernumerary Cabin section, a 9G Rigid Cargo Barrier, a full Class E Cargo Compartment and a Main Deck Cargo Loading System (CLS).


With reduced conversion downtime and convenient cost, while enabling a more flexible, faster  and cost-effective operational performance, NAVIS is the new PTF Cargo Door Conversion benchmark.

First of its kind featuring a fully electrically operated 'Plug-type' Main Deck Cargo Door

Separated Supernumerary Cabin section, 9G Rigid Cargo Barrier, full Class E Cargo Compartment, and Main Deck Cargo Loading System (CLS)

Load two pallet and container positions in the forward
section of the door, allowing for better cargo loading balance and quicker TaT

Navis PTF Cargo Conversion
Navis Main deck cargo door

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