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Avensis PTF Cargo Conversions
Light Cargo Conversion

Light Cargo Conversion

Our Zero Pax Light Cargo Conversion Solution

LEVIS XERO, introduces minimum changes to allow for the transportation of cargo on the aircraft belly hold with a “0 PAX” Configuration.


Providing extra operational flexibility, whilst taking advantage of flying cargo revenue flights with no passenger occupancy. Providing a solution that boost revenue on empty passenger sectors, aircraft repositioning or even ferry flights, whilst increasing fleet utilisation.


LEVIS XERO is a quick turnaround belly cargo solution that allows to bridge aircraft utilisation gaps in between cabin reconfigurations and embodiments of other Avensis PTF conversion solutions.

Allows for a “0 Passenger” in the cabin operation

Provides extra flexibility to operate cargo hold only revenue flights

Effectively bridges aircraft utilisation gaps between cabin reconfigurations and PTF Conversion embodiments

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