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Passenger to freighter compartment split into passenger cabin and cargo compartments
Medius PTF Conversion
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Intermediate Cargo Conversion

Our Intermediate Cargo Conversion Solution

MEDIUS is the first and only EASA STC certified conversion of its kind, fully removing the passenger cabin transforming it into a full Class E Cargo Compartment without a main deck cargo door.

This PTF conversion introduces a separated Supernumerary Cabin section, a Smoke Barrier, new Smoke Detection System (SDS), as well as enhanced Environmental Control System (ECS) and Easy-net system to safely speed up cargo loading and offloading. 


MEDIUS is completely reversible PTF solution so is practical when considering aircraft leasing restrictions whilst allowing to adapt and respond to aircraft demand fluctuation thus increasing fleet utilisation.

TAP Air Portugal for its division TAP Air Cargo, was our MEDIUS launch customer for Airbus A330 aircraft.

MEDIUS is applicable to both narrow and widebody aircraft types.

First Class E freighter to be EASA STC Certified without a Main Deck Cargo Door

Class E freighter including Supernumerary Cabin, ECS upgrade, new SDS, Smoke
Curtain and Easynet

Fully reversible to Passenger configuration

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