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Avensis PTF Cargo Conversions
Medius Combi
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Dual-Purpose Cargo Conversion

Our Dual-Purpose Cargo Conversion Solution

MEDIUS COMBI conversion, was designed to resolve the aircraft utilisation challenges facing the aviation industry today. In the current climate passenger demand is in constant flux. Therefore, an innovative approach to aircraft utilisation is needed if airlines are to retain well established passenger routes and landing slots, but also maximise income across their flights. 


MEDIUS COMBI features a unique “combination” of passenger cabin and a Class F Cargo Compartment in the main deck allowing airlines to profitably operate mixed passenger and cargo flights whilst maximising take-off and landing slots utilisation.


MEDIUS COMBI PTF conversion includes a 9G rigid cabin partition installed to separate the Passenger Cabin and Cargo Compartment and Easy-net system to safely speed up cargo loading and offloading. Environmental Control System (ECS) is adapted and Smoke Detection System (SDS) is installed to meet the Class F compartment requirements. All MEDIUS PTF conversions are built with the future in mind and so are fully reversible if aircraft utilisation requirements change.

Unique combination of Passenger Cabin and Class F Cargo Compartment on the Main Deck

Class F freighter including ECS upgrade, new SDS, 9G Rigid Cargo Barrier and Easynet

Fully reversible to Passenger configuration

Medius Combi example

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