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Our portfolio of five scalable conversions progresses from LEVIS - our modification to light cargo - to MEDIUS, an intermediate conversion, which offers optional additional features, such as the innovative lift technology of MEDIUS. 


For a full conversion to cargo, NAVIS is our top of the range solution. 

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Our Light Cargo Modification Solution

LEVIS removes passenger seats enabling airlines to install cargo directly onto the cabin floor - turning the passenger cabin into a vast cargo space.


LEVIS allows airlines to adapt and respond to aircraft demand fluctuation by adding freight capacity, bolstering the supply chain, while increasing fleet utilisation. The LEVIS conversion can be a temporary and completely reversible PTF solution, taking into account aircraft leasing restrictions.



Our Intermediate Cargo Modification Solution

MEDIUS fully removes the passenger cabin transforming it into a full CLASS E or CLASS F Cargo Compartment. This modification introduces a separated Supernumerary Crew Cabin section and makes changes to the Environmental Control System (ECS) and Smoke Detection System (SDS).


MEDIUS is a completely reversible PTF solution, so allows airlines to be creative in terms of future fleet utilisation, responsive to aircraft demand fluctuation, yet is practical when considering aircraft leasing restrictions. 

TAP Medius Cargo Conversion

Image credit: TAP Air Cargo

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Our Dual Purpose Modification Solution

The MEDIUS COMBI is an innovative and elegant response to the aircraft utilisation challenges facing the aviation industry today. With passenger demand in constant flux, retaining some cabin capacity while establishing a CLASS F cargo compartment in the main deck, allows airlines a new degree of revenue agility. 


The MEDIUS COMBI PTF conversion has a rigid cabin partition installed to separate the passenger cabin and cargo compartment. As with other conversions, the Environmental Control System (ECS) and Smoke Detection System (SDS) are adapted to meet Class F compartment requirements. All MEDIUS PTF conversions are built with the future in mind, so are fully reversible if aircraft utilisation requirements change.



Our Intermediate Cargo Modification Solution With Lift System

The MEDIUS ELEV adds innovative lift technology to the MEDIUS conversion. 

The added component of an LCF Lift System assists with loading and unloading heavier freight - opening up new cargo possibilities and expanding the flexibility and potential of the MEDIUS to support airlines’ current or future freight requirements.

Image by Patrick Campanale
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Our Full Cargo Modification Solution

NAVIS is a permanent PTF solution whose assets include a Main Deck Cargo Door and full cargo loading solution. 


NAVIS is the industry benchmark for high-end PTF conversions. NAVIS has a faster conversion time, lower conversion cost and is operationally more cost-effective than competitor products. 


If you’re looking for innovative technology to permanently convert aircraft in your fleet or agency, NAVIS is your solution. 

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