Air Freight Cabin PTF Conversion

Agile. Flexible. Scalable.

Avensis Aviation are creators of innovative PTF solutions allowing our customers to adapt and thrive.

Innovative PTF solutions from a disruptor in the aviation industry

Using ingenuity, collaboration and controlled process, our expert team create innovative and adaptable PTF (Passenger to Freighter) Aircraft Conversion Programmes that enable our customers to become market leaders.

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Product Portfolio

Our portfolio of three conversions has the “scalable” ethos built-in to their designs from concept to execution. This flexibility gives customers unmatched operational versatility, suitable for supporting start-up cargo airlines’ increase in demand, fleet and route growth, and turnaround efficiency.

Our Approach to PTF Conversion

Our PTF product portfolio is engineered to be scalable and fit the current demands of your fleet. Offering light, intermediate and complete cargo conversions, our products can be tailored to suit requirements. 

Scalable Conversion
Reversible Solutions

We understand the value of rapid adaptability needed to meet changes in demand. Our flexible PTF products are completely reversible enabling the transition back to FTP or Passenger Aircraft configuration.

Facilitated Globally

Avensis conversions can be carried out worldwide at any approved Maintenance Repair Overhaul Facility (MRO). 

We believe that we have an unmatched combination of acumen and expertise within our team. Find out more about who we are, and why we do what we do.


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